What Were Your Dorm Room Essentials?

Classroom chair pockets

Having just graduated college, I find myself feeling really nostalgic a lot more than I used to. Without even knowing it, I just kick back in my yard with my dogs and start thinking about how quickly the past four years flew by and all the awesome times I had.

Recently I started thinking about my freshman year dorm room essentials. I had my TV, my video games, my nice laptop, a sweet desk with a hutch that I put all of my favorite books and graphic novels on. Man, that room was awesome.

I even what were probably dorm room essentials to everyone, the micro fridge with microwave combo. I once ate Pizza flavored Lean Pockets for probably about three days because I had no time between assignments. (To this day I have not had another since Freshmen Year, but I think I can warm myself back up to them.)

I had all the dorm room supplies a guy needed. I had loads of pens, sticky notes, ramen, goldfish, soda, and printer paper (in case I needed to print something I had forgotten about at the last minute). I even went to the print shop on campus and had them custom print some of my favorite comic book pages, which made mine the king of all the stylish dorm rooms.

My roommates during senior year did not have a lot of dorm room essentials. In fact, they probably could have lived out of a couple suitcase, which was completely unlike myself. My one roommate was a music major, so his dorm room essentials included all music stuff like staff paper, his trombone, his mandolin, that kind of stuff.

Now, understand, I am not trying to sound arrogant or flippant here, but college was pretty easy. True, I had more all nighters than my roommates and might have gotten pretty rough grades, but I never once found myself struggling through any of those (literal) tests, (or figurative ones for that matter).

And I have to say that this was in large part due to my dorm room organizational and time management skills. One of my favorite dorm room essentials was my chair organizer pockets. That bad boy was like a quick draw holster for all my homework tools. I loved that chair pocket.

As I was relaxing thinking about freshmen year, I kind of wondered about what dorm room essentials I was forgetting about. Memory is a funny thing in that sometimes you remember some of the least important details but forget about the significant ones. So, now that I started wondering, I ask what anyone else had that they thought were their own dorm room essentials? This is a great source for more: www.aussiepouch.com