Mezzanine Storage Systems

Industrial shelving

Various kinds of shelving systems are used by the warehousing industry. Some of them are cantilever racks, pallet racks and other kinds of wire rack shelving systems. Mezzanine shelving is a storage system which is like a roll formed rack that is supported by a steel frame. Tall warehouses use mezzanine shelving as they can be stacked up high, even to the top of the building. Most industrial shelving is made from metal and steel. Sometimes wooden shelves are also used. The main idea for using mezzanine shelving is that it makes for a very effective use of warehouse space.

With warehouse storage the best use of horizontal as well as vertical space is critical. Mezzanine shelving units are easy to assemble. This shelving system is also easy to dismantle if you ever need to take them out or move your mezzanine shelving somewhere else. Mezzanine shelving is affordable and provides an excellent solution for a low cost storage strategy. Mezzanine storage is also safe to use and there is little risk to products being stored on this type of shelving system.

Mezzanine is available from a variety of vendors online. A shelving company should install it. Mezzanine shelving is available for both indoor and outdoor shelving needs. They are made of heavy duty steel and are able to meet building code requirements.