How Photo Booth Rentals Connect You With History

Orange county photo booth rentals

Those who use San Diego photo booth rentals may fancy they are taking part in history. After all, the first photo booth had 280,000 users in the first six months. Indeed, San Diego photo booth rentals give users a window on the rich history of photography.

While Renaissance painters used a camera obscura to produce some photographic images, the first true, permanent photograph was from the father of photography, Louis Daguerre, in 1832. These took hours to develop, and were impractical for the modern photo booth company. What was more practical was film, invented by George Eastman of Kodak. Roll film gave rise to small, inexpensive cameras for middle classes. Accompanied by 35 mm film in 1892, photography soared. Despite occasional desecrations, like the 12 Hasselblad cameras left on the surface of the moon, film and then digital advanced.

Today, San Diego photo booth rentals and Orange County photo booth rentals are reviving the traditions of photography. San Diego photo booth rentals show that photography is not only efficient, but also fun, and holds an element of wonder. Family reunions, birthday parties, and corporate gatherings are all clamoring for San Diego photo booth rentals not just for the fun factor, but because they produce timeless memories. More info like this: