The Differences Between Presentation Folders and School Folders

Presentation folder printing

A presentation folder looks just like any other folder you would find in a school supply aisle at a store, but there are a few differences. The difference between a school folder and a presentation folder is what is inside the folder and the logo on the outside.

Schoolchildren often use folders to hold essays, assignments, and other packets of information. A business will use presentation folders for a variety of business purposes. Business purposes that often call for the use of a presentation folder include distributing marketing information to employees, presenting sales information to a potential client, and even helping companies have a professional appearance when giving a speech or lecture at a seminar or meeting.

It may be hard to believe, but the simple addition of a custom made presentation folder can really change the mood of a business meeting. The use of custom presentation folders can help businesses set a professional and sophisticated tone when trying to present ideas to potential clients or even a company’s current employees.

The logo that is on the outside of a presentation folder is the other difference between a school folder and a business presentation folder. Many companies will hire a presentation folder printing company to print several folders with a company saying or logo on the front. These folders can be used for business meetings, marketing events, and even as a way to help increase a business’ branded image.

Custom made business folders made from a printing company come in several different varieties. Companies are able to choose which type of aqueous coating is used on the folders. Aqueous coating comes in two choices of matte and gloss finishes. A company can also choose what type of paper the folder is made out of. In some cases, a printing company may even be able to offer a company the choice to use hemp folders, which are similar to the very first type of manila folders.

Even though they may look like a school supply, presentation folders are essential to helping businesses conduct business. Business presentation folders have been proven to improve client relationships, increase marketing efforts, and even raise awareness of a company’s branded image. All of this is made possible by the use of presentation folders.
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