Take Notes on How the Old Timers Did It

Customized postcards

The writer Theodore Hook sent the first picture postcard to himself in 1940 and it featured a hand drawn caricature of postal workers. In 1871, the first known souvenir postcard was sent from Vienna, Austria. The first printed souvenir postcard in the US dates back to 1893 and was used to promote the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, also known as the World’s Fair. during WWI, soldiers sent loved ones delicate postcards made of embroidered silk mesh. The ‘Saucy Seaside’ postcards were some of the most popular postcards from the 1920s to mid century, featuring bawdy, off color jokes and risque images. Take advantage of the tradition and historical medium of customized postcards to get your message out to anyone you want.

Talking with companies who offer custom postcard printing for direct mail postcards, real estate postcards, business postcards, or any other type of customized postcards you can think of will be a great first step to reaching your audience in style. The use of postcards is an instant connection between you and your target market because of the mental relationship between pictures and an emotional attachment. Take the time to discuss your options for customized postcards and you could see great returns on your investment with customized postcards. Knowing your audience is crucial for this marketing strategy, however, because of the need to create a lasting and indelible image in your potential customers mind. A picture of a rose will be cast off because, well, everyone has seen a rose but mailing something with a unicorn and a bouquet of roses might create the desired result. See this link for more references: www.quantumpostcards.com