Should You Use an Hourly or Flat Fee Billing Service? – Loyalty Driver

You’re thinking about using a flat fee billing service or an hourly billing service to complete your project, it’s best to read. To help you decide you should watch the YouTube video “Hourly Billing Vs. Flat Fee” will explain all the alternatives. We’ll discuss the pros and cons!

Professionals, particularly lawyers, frequently outsource their billing as well as financial services. They can assist you to track the way you invoice your customers. However, they will need to determine if you are charging a flat or per hour rate.

Billing for hours can be stressful for customers. It’s like being nickeled and dimed in a ten-minute conversation, and that will result in dissatisfied customers who aren’t likely to refer you clients later on. It can also be challenging to offer an estimate that doesn’t include hourly costs. The alternative is to change to a flat rate ensures your customers receive the exact amount.

It is crucial to analyze the situation and determine how much it’ll take to transport it the location it’s needed to be. Then, you can figure out a cost-effective fee that won’t fluctuate. This builds trust. Watch the remainder of the video for further specifics about a flat-fee billing service.