Services a Brand Consulting Service Might Recommend

Franchise consulting

Small businesses and franchises can benefit from seeking the advice of a brand consulting firm. A brand consulting firm can provide these businesses with a variety of marketing services that can help increase brand awareness.

Some of the services that a brand consulting firm might recommend can include SEO strategies, creating a mobile website, using QR codes, and even engaging in various mobile marketing techniques.

Mobile marketing is a major part of the services provided by a brand marketing agency. This is because mobile marketing is believed to become one of the biggest trends for the year 2013 and it is estimated that over 113 million individuals use mobile phones. Some of the mobile marketing suggestions a brand marketing or franchise marketing consultant might make is to optimize website content so mobile phone users can see it and the use of QR codes, which are small codes that can be scanned by a camera phone and that bring up websites.

Other services that are recommended by a franchise consultant is the development of an SEO strategy. SEO, or search engine optimization, can lead to almost a 57 percent increase in leads to a business.