Protecting Computers with an Enterprise Firewall

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Have you been taking your computer’s security lightly? If you have, you may want to think about some of these statistics. In 2010, over 14,000 businesses and computers reported experiencing a security breach that compromised data. In 2011, a computer hacker gained access to the Department of Revenue in South Carolina. This intrusion allowed the hacker to gain access to over 3.6 million tax returns. Other statistics to consider include the fact that it takes over 11 months for a company to recover from a cyber attack.

These statistics may be shocking and scary for businesses, but there is something simple that can prevent these types of security breaches. Installing an enterprise firewall or intrusion detection system on a company’s computer network can easily prevent these problems from happening.

An enterprise firewall is a must have item on any computer that has access to the Internet, especially if it is a company computer that has access to sensitive information and data. An enterprise firewall is a software program that will constantly monitor a computer for hackers or people who are trying to access a computer without proper authorization. The enterprise firewall will prevent these people from gaining access to the computer.

Other software programs that can help a company include an intrusion prevention system. This network security platform works in a similar way to an enterprise firewall. It will monitor a computer network for possible outside attacks, but instead of just preventing them, it will alert the IT company that there is an attack. This alert can help IT departments determine who is trying to gain access to a computer network and hopefully prevent it in the future.

Thanks to software, such as the Next Gen network security or the Next Generation network, security breaches and the cost it has on companies has declined in the past years. These software programs provide intrusion alerts and an enterprise firewall that will help protect sensitive data and information, and prevent it from falling in the hands of hackers.
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