More To Clothes Hangers Than Meets The Eye

Clothes racks

Clothes hangers are products that are found in almost every household and store that sells clothing. They often come with new garments or can be bought separately, often in bulk as a wholesale purchase. Shirts, trousers, and coats can be hung from them so that wrinkles do not form and the item is kept neat. You can also put sweaters, blouses, and dresses on a hanger. While it is convent to have clothes hangers in your closet, stores benefit the most because they can keep products presentable for customers and display their inventory well. They are an integral part of clothes racks in department stores and designer shops.

Many clothes hangers are made of steel wire. These are the most basic, while wood is a common material used to produce a hangar shaped like a boomerang. Plastic hangers are usually shaped similar to wire ones. Manufacturers often choose plastic because it can be made into different shapes to accommodate adult or children sized clothing items. More complex designs incorporate hooks and clamps, or can fold up to fit inside a suitcase or garment bag, for example. Some bags are large enough to incorporate a hanger, in the case of suits and tuxedos. Clothes hangers are basic yet diverse kinds of clothing accessories that have been around since the 1800s.

Clothes hangers are most commonly used for store fixtures, where their economic and aesthetic value is most seen. There have been other uses; wire hangers have been used for many purposes by hobbyists. These have also found use to keep bird cages shut and for, at least in the past, as a replacement for a broken car antenna. Conductive metal has aided in makeshift electrical repairs and to demonstrate how currents work. When you go to the store the next time, think about all the uses for clothes hangers and it might provide a distraction from what you are really trying to do, which is find something to wear that is being kept nice and neat by the hangers. In just about every case, they appear in the same shape unless it has been folded or twisted. Most clothes hangers have a hook at the top and have a triangular shape. The ends serve to replicate a person’s shoulders in order to keep the garment from folding and becoming creased.

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