Learn About Motor Oil Recycling, Since It Can Be Reused

Where to get oil changes

If you do not know a lot about engine oil or about motor oil, there is no need to fear. Professionals that are experienced in the use of motor oil that meets Api engine oil standards will be able to make sure that the best motor oil for your car is used every time you visit their garage. The best oil change places will depend on what part of the nation you live in, but the one consistent thing about the best place for an oil change is that you can count on reliable garages to always use the correct oil for your engine. Putting the wrong weight of oil into your car could end up damaging the engine very severely. This is why it is important to let someone that knows about motor oil put it into your car, as well as have them change your oil filter.

Some facts worth knowing about motor oil include the emergence of modern plastic motor oil bottles, an alternative to glass bottles used before the 1980s. Since glass breaks very easily, the change to plastic bottles is easy to understand. Dipsticks allow you to quickly determine how much oil is in your motor, and since a single oil change worth of this fluid can ruin a million gallons of fresh water, let a professional help you out. Around half of the oil used in European motors gets refined twice, compared to about 1 in 10 engines in the United States.