How to Identify the Best Application Development Companies

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Currently, Android holds the largest market share for mobile devices, around 46.9 percent. The iPhone only holds a 28.7 percent market share, but is still relevant in today’s business world. The growing popularity of mobile devices is causing new opportunities and demands created by business owners. Estimates show around 1.8 trillion dollars are spent on IT around the world. As you can see, there is a reason why mobile app development companies are becoming more relevant. This trend will continue to grow, especially since cloud computing is becoming more popular. In fact, cloud computing and mobile computing will make up the majority of IT spending from now until 2020.

Mobile app development companies offer solutions for a custom business dashboard, which is essential for business owners looking for convenient software to manage their operations. Custom web application development, such as web portals, provides businesses convenient solutions as well. A business dashboard basically operates like the dashboard in your vehicle, giving you important information and details about operations. Custom web applications are important for businesses working with other businesses over the web. Business intelligence analytics is important for gathering, storing and accessing company data. It is common for mobile app development companies to provide cloud computing consulting because of the increasing demands made in cloud computing in general.
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