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Straight legged jeans for women

There are approximately 450 million pairs of jeans sold within the United States every single year. This will be welcome news to people who are looking to buy themselves a pair of coated jeans or printed jeans. The printed jeans that one can buy in the store today are not all that dissimilar to the kind of jeans that were around centuries ago. An Italian painting from the 17th century might just be the first ever visual depiction of blue jeans, even though the artist is unknown.

Unlike the colored jeans and printed jeans worn today, jeans were at first worn only by cowboys and people that worked in manual labor, and then mostly in the Western States. It was not until the fifties came around that straight legged jeans for women and other kinds of printed jeans made their way into the subculture and then the American mainstream.

While shopping for jeans, people will discover that most are made out of cotton, which is still the worlds most popular fiber. They might also be surprised to find out that it was Jacob Davis, and not Levi Strauss that was the first to put copper rivets on embellished jeans. Since he did not have the money to apply for a patent, he ended up partnering with Strauss. Today, there are endless kinds of studded, metallic and printed jeans for sale, each of which could be the perfect fit for any shopper.