Does Your Rental Property Qualify for HUD’s Housing Choice Vouchers? – Online Voucher

The subsidy is paid to an individual tenant to pay a fraction of their rent. This subsidy is directly paid at the expense of landlord. The tenant is then required to settle any remaining rent.
Conditions for Eligibility

For a family to qualify to be eligible for to be eligible for the HCV program, the household’s earnings must not exceed 50 percent of the median in the county or metropolitan zone that the family decides to reside within. For a family to be in the position to receive a section 8 voucher, the head of the household should be an U.S. citizen or permanent resident, and the family must comprise at least one individual who is eighteen years older or more. This Housing Choice Vouchers program is not accessible to households with the non-U.S citizen or legally resident. In addition, the person who is in charge of the household should not have any record of these felonies: sexual offense and violent crimes, as well as the manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance or trafficking. The family will be disqualified if the household head is accused of one of the felonies listed above.

Tenant Application Process

The process is simple to apply for Housing Choice Vouchers as a tenant. Contact the housing authority in your area to request an application. After completing the application, you need to submit it to the housing authority together with all required documentation. The housing authority then reviews your application and determines if you’re eligible to receive rental assistance. The housing authority then approves your application and issue you an voucher to use for renting a qualified unit.

The Waitlist

It is a long and challenging process to become listed on the Housing Choice Vouchers waitlist. There are many people who are waiting long on the list for the chance to obtain the housing or rental assistance they need. The process can sometimes seem unfair because those most in need of assistance could have to wait for the longest for approval. People may be frustrated or even angry.