Americans Often Choose Memorial Stones for Pets

Pet memorial markers

For many Americans, pets are considered to be a part of the family. Pet adoptions are rather common, but unfortunately cats, dogs, and other animals do not live as long as humans. Any animal owner knows that eventually they have to deal with the loss. Burials are possible and you can also get memorial stones for pets, personalized by one of a number of companies specializing in this area. The stones can have messages engraved or feature pictures. Of the over 86 million people that own cats in the United States, a portion of them will give their animals a proper burial and incorporate pet headstones or other markers at the burial site. The loss can be devastating, but the benefits of having a pet have been claimed by many organizations. The Mayo Clinic conducted a study on senior citizens with pets; it found that 21 percent of those with pets had fewer visits to the doctor.

Gravestones for pets or memorial stones for pets represent what a dog or cat means to a person, and also demonstrate the benefits of owning one has. A dog, for example, offers many opportunities for play and interact. These in turn provide the dog owner with a chance for physical exercise and social interaction that they might otherwise lack. All of the types of memorial stones for pets give these owners a chance to say goodbye to their dogs or cats in a way they would to a human counterpart. Since pets are an integral part of the family, this helps pet owners, their families, and children to grieve and pay homage to the pet they loved. The household is often never the same, but headstones for pets are often elected to keep the animal’s memory alive.

Memorial stones for pets are just one example of how people incorporate animals into their lives. Some people give their pets human food, while most give them a place to sleep in the bedroom. Pet clothes are common, especially in the winter time. It is also not uncommon for people to give their cat or dog a present for Christmas, as over half of those owning one do. This provides for joy and fun on Christmas morning. Having a pet means there will likely be years of experiences and memories. When it is time to say goodbye, many people will bury their animals close to home and add memorial stones for pets. Some even have animal memorials with a burial and placement of pet markers on their property; up to 58 percent of pet owners elect to do this.
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