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During the past few years, decent paying employment has been hard to find. However, one industry that is always hiring is the trucking industry. Even though there are more than 260,000 drivers and 400,000 other workers employed in the trucking industry, if one has a clean driving record and a willingness to do the job, he or she can be a candidate for a truck driving position. If one can afford to purchase a tractor and trailer for sale, more money can be made as an owner operator than as a company driver. Of course, the owner operator is the charged with all of the expenses related to truck maintenance, even if he does not purchase a trailer for sale. Thus, the driver might consider trailer rentals Ontario, trailer rental vancouver, or even trailer leasing.

A prospective truck driver also should be aware of the types of trailers. These include dry vans, flatbeds, tankers, and reefers. Reefer is short for refrigerated van, the first of which was introduced in 1929. Over the years, laws have been implemented to keep reefers safe. One of these laws is the Montreal Protocol of 1987, which banned Freon from new trailers. If you are planning on purchasing a reefer trailer for sale, you must keep in mind that they are a more expensive than flatbeds or dry vans. Thus, it may be cost effective to rent or lease than to buy a reefer trailer for sale. In fact, if one wants to be an owner operator it might always be wiser to buy a tractor and lease a trailer, rather than considering purchasing a trailer for sale.

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