9 Unique, Niche Jobs and Careers Nobody Knows About


Customers who need bulk transport of fuel on an ongoing schedule.

There’s not a viable alternative for the majority of fuels at present so this is an industry that will be around for quite a long time, and worth exploring. It is possible to deliver diesel for fleets, municipalities and power plants, manufacturing companies, school districts, truck stops along with service stations, and much more.

6. Tub Resurfacing Services

Porcelain tub resurfacing can be another interesting career to consider. The bathtub’s exterior is cleaned or polished for a more modern look. This involves filling in holes and smoothing the surface. It’s frequently confused with the word reglazing which adds the finishing to the top. In order to make the tub shine, you pour some substance on top.

It’s an industry that is niche certainly, however, increasing numbers of people choose to get these services instead a new tub for several reasons. These include cost, and seeking to go greener in the process of upcycling objects instead of disposing of them. The majority of homes with new construction have fiberglass bathtubs. You could also offer the refinishing service for this product. Refinishing them can cost between 300 and $1,000, based on the dimensions.

It’s a lot more expensive than repairing a porcelain tub since maintaining the smoothness of fiberglass can be more complicated. In reality, it’s much more difficult for a fiberglass refinished tub to keep its fresh look indefinitely, and you’re able to just do it occasionally. Thus, refinishing with porcelain is much superior as it lasts longer. It’s a job worth considering particularly if you enjoy contractor work.

7. Spray drying

Are you curious about how to turn items into powder? This is a field that covers the fields of food, construction materials cleaning and cleaning products and more. A powder spray drying service can be the only option to turn slurry into dry, granular , powders. Slurry can be described as an amalgamation of liquids and solids. The industry makes use of hot air to make the solution dry as fast as can be done in